"Invitation to” is an independent travel agency, with over 20 years’ experience providing tailored, handpicked properties for holidaymakers looking to escape to the more tranquil areas of Europe.

The founder of "Invitation to" Daniel Wrightson approached us with a requirement to scale and modernise the brand, as well as to update the logo to be adaptable to the regions "Invitation to" offer holiday homes in.

Developing concepts for Invitation to Tuscany

We hosted brand workshops with Daniel to generate ideas and to start developing concepts for the brand. Daniel grew up in Tuscany and frequently revisits the area; so his knowledge and expertise is second to none. Moreover, Daniel is incredibly creative, a former architect who can turn his artistic hand to creating highly impressive sketches and watercolor paintings, as emphasised below.

Connecting these elements to the brand

We saw Dan's creativity as an opportunity that was too good to miss! After working through the brand workshops together, we quickly realised that we needed to utilise Dan's knowledge of the area in conjunction with his creative flair to directly influence the development of his brand.

It was apparent that "Invitation to" needed to distance itself as much as possible from "run of the mill" package holidays. We therefore decided to link "the personal touches" and values already identified and reflect them as much as possible within the brand and identity.

For this, we decided to incorporate Dan's handwritten signature into the concepts for the logo, some ideas of which you can see below:

From the concepts above, we all agreed that the logo below worked best, both in terms of design and it's versatility to be used with both online and offline marketing materials. 

The line below "Invitation to" also acts as a separator to allow for other areas “Invitation to” wish to promote beyond Tuscany, such as Provence and The Italian Lakes. 

The versatility of the brand logo chosen has allowed Decibel Digital to work with Daniel to choose a number of colours for various materials, from letter headed paper to business cards.

Cinema campaign launch

Daniel was keen to launch a cinema campaign which incorporated the new logo; and which really promotes Invitation to Tuscany to customers as a personable travel agency, providing unique, tailored experiences. Here is the cinema campaign launched by "Invitation to".

UX design delivered

We continue to work very closely with Daniel and his company "Invitation to" and the designs for their new website have very recently been completed. The website is currently in development stage.

Watch this space for further updates and a further publication when their new website has been launched.