A lot was been made about Twitter reaching the tender old age of 5 last month, so we want to stay away from adding further “OMG commentary” on the numbers. If you want that kind of analysis there is a great, concise, consolidation of a lot of this information on Brian Solis’ blog here.

Needless to say Twitter has become big business during this time, and perhaps more-so than any other social network is also no longer the preserve of the young. Recent research from comScore has shown that 58.3% of Twitter’s total European audience is now aged between 25-54, meaning that the micro-blogging site is also becoming an increasingly lucrative channel for b2b marketing.  

More important than the numbers is what Twitter has brought to communications in a Web 2.0 age.

The micro-blogging site has revolutionised the way the world interacts with itself as instant real-time news, communication with celebrities at the push of a button, and an increasingly fragmenting media landscape, have all contributed from a shift in modern society away from content towards communications.

Of course, the real impact of Twitter is only JUST beginning to be realised, and at the tender age of 5 its breakthrough into both the mainstream media and growing business maturity is nothing short of remarkable – even Mozart did not begincomposing until the age of 5 after all!

Twitter’s blue-print of creating a concise, real-time platform for the facilitation of instant, user-generated content will undoubtedly provide the building blocks for the next wave of communications technology within the media industry, whichever way the service evolves.

At just 5 years old and with Facebook and Google both knocking down the door to sign the micro-blogging site - Usher-Justin Bieber style – you wonder what future compositions Twiter is truly capable of.

It’s been said already far too many times this month, but on occasions like this, you surely have to celebrate – Happy Birthday Twitter!