This Halloween, our attention has been drawn towards the scary world of age old web design. What could be more frightening than seeing your business struggling online without knowing why or where to turn?

Let’s look at some common horrors which occur by adopting a simple approach to web design:

1. Redesigning for the sake of a redesign 

Let's cite a couple of reasons why a redesign might be decided upon. These reasons can range from:

  • Looking to make a website more engaging
  • Wishing to provide clearer calls to action

Design changes shouldn’t be taken lightly, and quite often, rash decisions to redesign sites are taken without adopting a scientific approach. Without properly analysing the impact of a redesign, any new implementation could prove more damaging to site performance than if the original design was retained.

2. Unresponsive design

Unresponsive sites make our blood boil. As reported in 2015, with more searches being performed on mobile than desktop, businesses should no longer run websites which do not render across variable screen sizes on desktops, tablet and smartphone devices. Do we really still want to be fiddling around and pinching screens to view a website properly? Not having a responsive website is a surefire way of serving your mobile audience to your closest competitors who already have one.



3. Complex user journeys 

All user journeys should be intuitive. Overcomplicating websites with complex navigations, or content heavy pages with little context will only serve to increase exit rates and consumer dissatisfaction.

4. Designing just for the client, not their target audience 

Without UX at the heart of the process, traditional web design misses the trick in failing to identify user journeys and map out user flows. These are key elements design agencies should be looking to treat both clients and their stakeholders to, designing detailed strategies which look scientifically at optimising and measuring performance.

Our agency gave up the ghost on traditional web design a long time ago, and many others are now beginning to question the validity and worth of the traditional approach to web design. Applying a detailed user experience strategy with an established UX agency such as our own, will drive higher levels of engagement and improvements in conversions. 

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