Dogs Trust

UX & UI design for responsive website

The Challenge

Dogs Trust are the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. Their previous website was six years old and the content subjects had become extremely broad, creating an opportunity for our agency to focus on repositioning as the ‘go-to’ hub for all dog-related issues.

Customer experience (CX) goals

The goals from a customer experience viewpoint were:

Boost rehoming - make it easy for users to browse the dogs, encourage centre visits

Drive sponsorship - encourage users to sponsor individual dogs or make a donation

Education- raise awareness around campaigns and issues, and of the great work done by Dogs Trust

UX & UI design

Card sorting - this entailed a content audit to evaluate the effectiveness of each piece of content, followed up with a card sorting exercise. The output of both these steps proved very useful from a UX perspective, and led nicely into the prototyping and UI design stages. 

Prototyping and UI design- an iterative process meant that prototyping the site architecture was a collaborative and evolving process, whilst continuous testing and optimisation were also key to the final solution.

The results

Dogs Trust now have an intuitive responsive website accessible across all device types. This has resulted in an increase in social media engagement, donations being made, and a greater number of visitors to the site sponsoring dogs.

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